saintTonesIFFFLogoonscreenWelcome to the International Family Film Festival. We are pleased to include you in our family of friends, supporters and an ever-growing professional network of passionate filmmakers and storytellers.

The IFFF strives to “celebrate the world” and respect mankind’s fundamental similarities and differences. It achieves this by providing a nurturing environment and educational structure to teach, exhibit and share the myriad manifestations of the human condition.

As an organization, IFFF operates year round. Among its primary activities, it produces an annual film festival in Hollywood for youth (the IFFF Youth Fest!) and adults; IFFF advocates and encourages the creation and sharing of family films and screenplays; it conducts summer film camps; IFFF teaches filmmaking, media & family literacy through its International Family Film Institute, and it supports various film contests that promote socially responsible film products suitable for a general audience that express a fundamental respect for the positive values of life.