Winner – Best Script – SciFi Film Festival, Australia
Winner – Best Female Actor – Oona Laurence – SciFi Film Festival, Australia
SemiFinalist- 2015 Windrider International Student Film Festival
– IMAGINAPPED Stian Hafsted, Director, Producer | Winner of IFFF Best Student Mixed Media 2015


1) At the Boston International Kids Film Festival, Jack received the Peggy Charren Award for Excellence
2) The film is showing at the JCC Chicago Film Festival twice in March
3) That Bites! website has been given an upgrade and makeover and the film is now available for purchase (download on Vimeo On Demand) at  To date, Jack has sold 51 copies of the film and has donated $1.00 from each sale back to the food allergy charity FARE — Food Allergy Research and Education.  (He donated $8,000 to them after two private screenings in April 2015.)
4) Our local NBC station featured a “Making A Difference” piece on Jack and his efforts.
5) The movie was shown at a private school in Evanston, IL as part of their Parent Organization Education series.  (Baker Demonstration School).  This particular school has a higher-than-average incidence (about 10%) of students with allergies and believes in educating the community.  Other schools across the country have expressed interest in incorporating the film into their curriculum
– THAT BITES!  Jack Yonover, Director, Producer | Winner of the IFFF Best Youth Fest! Documentary 2015


Our music video “So What” won best music in a video at the Hollywood and Vine Film Festival, and the music is in consideration to be used in a feature film.
– SO WHAT  by Maria Capp, Director, Producer


FFI continues to enjoy success playing in many Children’s film festivals and Pop Culture Comic-Cons along with being selected for various online viewing/distribution mediums.
The film will also be showing on the FanFilm Awards:
It is nominated in various categories including:
Best Actress: Michelle Eimmerman
Best Cinematography: Arden Tse
Best Fan Representation
Best Animation
– FORCE-FULL IMAGINATION by James Eimmerman, Director, Producer


Official Selection at 15 festivals, Winner of Two Best Short Film at Boston International Kids Festival and International Family Film Festival, as well as Two Audience Favorite Awards at Napa Valley Film Festival and San Jose Film Festival.
– PLAY DATE by Paige Kimball Morrow, Director, Producer, Writer
Winner of IFFF Best Short Drama 2015


Our Home Entertainment release through ARC-Entertainment/Alchemywas completed. MASTERLESS is now available at Walmart, Best, Amazon, iTunes, DIRECTV, Comcast, etc.
International Distribution with Heritage Films International starts in Australia and New Zealand on February 24th, and is currently available in Canada at Walmart Canada (
We just finished an 8-part web series as a companion study guide to the film:
– MASTERLESS  Craig Shimahara, Director, Producer


Hi Patte, winning the Best Feature Comedy at November 2015 festival, was a boon for us. We feel it helped with Hybrids getting 2 international distribution deals.
– HYBRIDS, Tony Schweikle, Producer


Although, in the past 8 months KRUSING AMERICA has won 43 awards, the award we received from IFFF is honestly one of my favorites. I try to create films that the whole family can enjoy together – both parents and kids – and to be recognized at one of the longest running family film festivals like IFFF is truly an honor.  There is certainly not enough family programing available but I count myself fortunate to have someone like IFFF to help get my family films out to a broader audience. IFFF is certainly ahead it’s time and the community I found at that festival – is one that I hope to be apart of for a long time. Maybe together we can make a difference in Family Programing.
– KRUSING AMERICA  Linda Kruse, Director, Producer | Winner of IFFF Best Short Documentary 2015


What a great press day! Thanks so much for putting it together.
– Seth William Meier, Executive Vice President of Illusion Industries, Inc.


“You can carve another notch on your belt because between the L.A. Marathon and torrential rains, you still managed to pack ‘em in! Congratulations on another successful year! I loved playing a part in its success!”

– Patricia Rust, Patricia Rust Productions


“Thank you so very much for bringing a little bit of the festival to Alhambra. I really do appreciate your consideration of Alhambra Library as part of your wonderful festival. I know the families that attended really enjoyed the film and the experience of seeing a film they otherwise would not have been able to see anywhere else.”

– Carmen M. Hernandez, Library Director, Alhambra Civic Center Library


“Thank you again for hosting another great film and screenplay festival. The Screenwriters’ Showcase was great! All the best to you and your great staff. Hope to see you all again in 2012.”

– Eric Carlson, Screenwriter


“It was our pleasure to host a screening of the IFFF’s Chinese film, “The Egret Talker” at Southlands Schools International. We were honored that the IFFF would consider our campus as a venue for their “Movies on the Move!” program. As supporters of the arts, we viewed this international and educational event as valuable for our campus and community.

Everyone who attended the screening be they students, teachers or members of the local community, thoroughly enjoyed and benefited both from the film and Q&A time with the directors and actors. Our students of Asian background were able to connect to their cultural background and those not of the Asian culture were exposed to that culture a bit more! The film was both enlightening and entertaining!

We look forward to another screening in the future at Southlands campus and to a long relationship with the IFFF!”

– Holly Duncan, Event Co-ordinator, Southland Schools International


“We are so happy to have won this award. It means a lot, especially coming from a Family Film Festival.”

– Murat Kebir, Screenwriter/Director/Editor (UK)


“I wanted to congratulate you on a fine festival. I’m happy I had the chance to cover it for KPFK. I had a chance to see some lovely films.”

– Donna Walker, Host/Producer “Pacifica Performance Showcase,” KPFK 90.7 FM


“I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and Life of Lemon. I am overwhelmed by how welcomed you both have made me feel this week. The 2011 IFFF is the first festival that I have been to and it is the first festival that Life of Lemon has been screened at. I am excited about that because I can’t think of a more special place and kinder people to be around to celebrate that with than you both.”

– Barry Kneller, President & CEO, Tigerstorm Productions


“We want to thank everyone at IFFF for being such wonderful hosts. You managed the curveball the weather threw at you like troupers and even with a smile. We are grateful it was selected to screen at the festival.”

– Dennis Agle Jr., Lightstone Pictures, LLC


“Wanted to let you know that the festival was fabulous–panels were amazing!! Again, thank you for a wonderful festival and for including KOSHER PIG.”

– Moon Cho, Director


“WOW!!!  WOW!! WOW!!  How incredible!!  We are still walking on clouds, it is incredulous! We are taking home an award of accomplishment, an award of dreams, but ultimately an award of hope for our community!!

The kids are so excited. We are so grateful!!”

– Tina Wegener, Screenwriter


“It was a great pleasure to attend the festival and to see my film screened in front of a packed audience yesterday morning. Even though the marathon collided with the déluge, the 10:15am screening was bursting to such a point that the audience had to be split. It was truly exciting. I was impressed with many of the films I saw, but was especially moved by the other shorts in my Sunday morning block, I was extremely honored to see “A Jake and A Tom” as part of that excellent group of films.

The filmmakers and producers I met from all over the world were full of insightful conversation and generous camaraderie. Your festival was a wonderful place for the world premiere screening of my short turkey flick. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the 2011 IFFF, I enjoyed every minute of it and am already excited about next year.”

– West Hyler, Director/Screenwriter


“To everyone at IFFF, I want to give you my sincere thanks for selecting Buddha’s Bracelet to be part of the festival.  It was a wonderfully humbling surprise and I’m very honored to have received an award on behalf of my cast and crew. Everything was wonderful about the festival and it was great be a part of it.  One of the good problems that we had was when we needed to move to another theater because we had too many people for one viewing of our short film section.

It was great fun for all and I’m looking forward to sharing my upcoming work with you guys in the future.”

– Trent, Screenwriter/Director/Producer


“We are still floating on air from the festival – and so tickled with our win. You were an amazing host – thanks!!!”

– Tom Basham, Screenwriter/Director/Producer


“This is great news. We are so proud to be included in the 2011 International Family Film Festival and be awarded the Best Foreign Short Drama at the IFFF. Thank you so, so much!”

– Murat, Screenwriter/Director/Editor


“First I wanted to thank you and the whole IFFF team for putting on a wonderful festival! It really was great and the venue was amazing. I know it takes a lot of work to put a festival together so I just really wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude. Thanks again. You all did a wonderful job!”

– Jon Byron, Screenwriter/Director/Producer


“I just want to take this moment in time to you thank you, Patte Dee McKee, for your kindness to my wife and I. I wish everyone in the world was as kind as you!”

– Dale Trujillo, Screenwriter


“I am writing this email to thank you for hosting our short films in United States of America. This was really the first time my work got viewed by an International Audience. I feel very blessed to have any recognition as a young, visual story teller.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to staying in touch with future IFFF plans.”

– Victor Oluoch, Trainer at the Kibera Film School, Filmmaker/ Documentarian, Kenya


“In case you didn’t see my post on the Facebook page for  IFFF, thank you again for everything! It was such an amazing experience, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing Sheila some love. I look forward to next year’s festival!”

– Donna Laemmlen, Screenwriter


“Thank you for the Finalist award and for the encouraging comments. It was exciting to see scenes from my script read/performed. It was a lovely event. I’m glad I could attend.”

– Donna Lisa, Screenwriter


“Thank you so very much! You all clearly have a very fine festival out there and I am so proud my film was a part of it.  It seems that your organization is doing a lot of important things and I commend you. The trophy is gorgeous, and will go in the UCF Film Department trophy case.  In the future you can count on me and my students submitting our films to your festival.”

– Lisa Mills, Director/Producer


“My producer and I attended the 14th annual International Family Film Festival this year. My screenplay, “Kite Kids” was a Semi-Finalist. Having never attended the Family Film Festival before we really did not know what to expect. I must say that the whole experience was absolutely fabulous!

We drove in from Las Vegas and were greeted kindly by Patte Dee McKee one of the festival organizers. We were able to network and meet a lot of great people including fellow screenwriter’s and top industry professionals. The panels were superb. We found them to be very helpful and informative. Chris and Suzanne Shoemaker do a fabulous job heading up the festival. It’s great to know that quality people are inspiring us all to create wholesome family entertainment. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

– Joey Rocha, Screewriter/Director


“I am proud to have been a part of the IFFF line up this year! I received that beautiful Finalist Certificate in the mail this week, it will look great on my wall at work.”

– Sean Conly, “JABBAWAKI” Animator, Toronto, ON Canada


“I am proud to have been a part of the IFFF line up this year! I received that beautiful Finalist Certificate in the mail this week, it will look great on my wall at work.”

– Angad and Gurmeet Singh, “ROOTS AND WINGS”, producer, writer, director


“Thanks so much for having “Holyman” at the festival – it was a lot of fun. It’s truly amazing how you are able to pull this all together. Thanks again.”

– David A.R. White, “HOLYMAN” producer, writer, actor, director and PureFlix Distribution


“We are dedicated to creating quality programming that gives children the chance to enjoy the natural world before they have to save it. We feel lucky that we can create family programming that allows adults and children to laugh together, and to be excited about the world around them. Thank you for the screening opportunity at the IFFF.”

– Laura and Robert Sams, “THE RIDDLE IN THE BOTTLE”, producers, directors Sisbro Studios, LLC Portland, Oregon


“You did a beautiful job with the screenings, and we thank you for making that experience a fun one. Your hard work and dedication is recognized and very much appreciated. I feel terrible about not being able to attend the Awards Ceremony not only to support the other filmmakers, but to humbly receive recognition for the hard work and love that goes into such a project. It’s rare to get such acknowledgement for creative endeavors and to have the opportunity to be around other filmmakers in celebration.”

– Danielle Jacobs, “boy/man”, producer, director Present Day Pictures


“Thanks again for putting on such a wonderful event, with such a warm reception for filmmakers and writers. I felt very welcome, and met a number of like-minded people who also care about creating positive entertainment, and who make for good company.”

– Katarzyna Kochany, screenwriter and filmmaker “ELLIOT MOOSE: The Windy Creature” and “HORSE FOR SALE ” Vancouver, BC Canada


“Looking back at IFFF in the rear view mirror, I can honestly say that it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. I got to introduce my family and friends to our film in a beautiful theater. I dreamed it would be a moment of healing for all the family members who had to watch the pain of what unfolded in our lives over the years, and it was. I’ll never forget that feeling of being in a dream when Chris Shoemaker said, “The Top Applause Award goes to .DreamRiders.” Oh, such emotions.”

– William Roulston, “DREAMRIDERS” producer, director Nobobo Productions


“Thanks for the picture and thanks again for the wonderful weekend. It was a great time. I know you and your team put in countless hours before and during (and after) the event. God needs to provide a better word than “thanks” — because thanks is not enough.

With Gratitude,”

– Rusty Rhodes, screenwriter “LUCKY EDDIE”


“Once again, thank you for the consideration the festival gave to my script, “The Devil’s Due”. I really appreciate the validation, support, and “cheerleading” that you all give to us. Your staff /cohorts were wonderful as always. I was greatful for the “taxi-ing” you and Bonnie offered as well… it was helpful to not have to hassle with a car. The festival was a blast and the rest of my trip was productive too.”

– Carol Sabik-Jaffe, Screenwriter


“The International Family Film Festival is a tremendous festival for emerging and established filmmakers alike. It is so wonderful to have a festival that is solely dedicated to the family audience. The selection of films were top notch, and the welcoming environment that was created by the festival is perfect for getting to know the other filmmakers and attendees. Hats off to the IFFF, and here’s to many more years of success!”

– Ryan Shore, Composer, “Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher”