The International Family Film Institute (IFFI) is dedicated to educational programs and outreach to youth and families.

The IFFI fosters a greater understanding of family through the discovery, creation and sharing of quality programs and stories from around the world.

In particular, the Institute offers youth educational activities that inspire curiosity, leadership, self-esteem, team building, character development, inquiry about storytelling and the language, media and family literacy arts. Its aim is to empower, challenge and introduce a deeper understanding of the world we share through interactive, projects based learning.

These programs include the IFFF YouthFest!, the formation of film clubs guided by Freshi Films’ Young Filmmaker’s Starter Kits, IFFF Hollywood film and acting camps/workshops and the publication of Intercut, a filmmaking/game design e-zine (and hard copy version) to help youth expand and better understand the media rich world they now live in.

The naissance of these programs (as early as 1995) are founded upon standards-based pedagogy and lesson plans that are aligned to national and state standards, as well as filmmaking techniques that have been used by over 100,000 students, teachers, parents and other educators in more than 28 states, Puerto Rico and India.

The IFFI considers youth and the education of our young people the “true north concern” of the 21st century. More than ever, an investment in a young person’s education is the wisest way to invest in our planet’s future.


More today than ever, the IFFI (International Family Film Institute) needs Public and Private Foundation support to keep up its important work.

Foundations provide essential funding for youth educational programs, arts and cultural endeavors, underserved populations here in the United States and for programs with an international reach – all touch points within IFFI’s arena of human engagement.

In 1993, IFFF was founded on the strength and vision of offering its members and participants the best in traditional and groundbreaking family stories – stories that inspire our minds, change our hearts, and lift our spirits. It has never wavered from the delivery of its promise. Join us. Together we can help those we serve to grow and thrive even more.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and the belief in a brighter tomorrow where the next best story to better the world is just waiting to be told and shared.

For more information on Foundation Giving, please contact the IFF Institute Development Office at 818-433-7159 or