The following rules constitute the media credential requirements for the International Family Film Festival (IFFF, called the “Event”) by the International Family Film Festival (“IFFF”). Please read each item carefully.

Strict compliance at all times to each requirement is an express condition precedent to continued use of the media credential.

Granting of media credentials is at the sole discretion of IFFF. The following criteria will be utilized to help determine eligibility for media credentials:

1. Applicant must be a full-time/part-time journalist or be on special assignment with a legitimate news outlet.
2. Work must be for a legitimate news outlet whose primary objective is to disseminate news information to the public.
3. All work must use a byline.
4. Applicant must provide news editor or producer contact information.
5. Applicant must provide a “letter of assignment” to cover the IFFF on company letterhead that is signed by the publisher, editor, or media senior management.

Any unauthorized use of credentials may subject the bearer to immediate ejection from IFFF and prosecution for criminal trespass. It may also subject the accredited organization to revocation of its credentials for future IFFF events.

Media credentials are non-transferable and must be worn at all times when on-site at IFFF.

Credentialed media may provide content only to the outlet listed on their credential. It is a violation of use and grounds for revocation if a credential-holder provides content to an outlet (website, magazine, blog, newspaper, radio station, television station, etc.) that is not listed on holder’s credential.

Media credentials are required to gain access to the IFFF festival venue, press room, screening and panel rooms and other festival areas and admittance will not be permitted without an approved and official event credential.

Possession of a credential and verification of identity allows the bearer to register for other IFFF special events throughout the year.


1. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age. Photo identification must be presented to receive a credential and must be available upon request from organization staff at any time while bearer is on IFFF-related venue.

2. Each accredited media organization shall be limited to three credentials due to the limited capacity of the event. It is the responsibility of the accredited media organization to determine in advance of the event which of its representatives submits applications.

3. Freelance journalists requesting media credentials must provide either: (a) an original letter of assignment, on letterhead, from an editor at an approved media outlet or (b) an email letter of assignment from an editor that originates from an approved outlet’s formal domain.

Letters may be mailed, faxed or emailed to the following contacts:

IFFF Office

Mail to: 146-102 West Cypress Avenue  Burbank, CA 91502

Fax to: 818.847.1184

Email to:

4. Documentary filmmakers and representatives of independent video production companies will not be eligible for media credentials. A separate licensing agreement will be required for access to the event, which may or may not be granted at IFFF’s sole discretion.

5. Journalists without a specific assignment from an accredited media outlet will not be eligible for media credentials.


6. Credentialed photographers can use images only for editorial purposes and may provide photos only to the accredited organization listed on their approved credential application form. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

7. Flash photography is strictly prohibited inside the screening rooms (theaters) during the screening of films. Photography is allowable before and after screenings and during Q&A sessions with the producers, production crew or film reps associated with a certain film.

8. Credentials do not authorize photography (or video) outside the IFFF venue area; accredited organizations are prohibited from capturing images of the studio/production area outside of the IFFF designated areas and other areas, without the prior consent of the IFFF.

9. Representatives of photo collection and merchandising houses are not eligible for media credentials.


10. Shooting of screening films is strictly prohibited.

11. All organizations are prohibited from streaming live video footage from the event unless cleared by the IFFF.

12. Video interviews may only be conducted at the dedicated “interview area” located in close proximity to the IFFF check in area/tent or other pre-arranged locations. When picking up media credentials, video crews should identify their interest in shooting video at IFFF, and IFFF media relations staff will show you the location.


13. Credentialed media may not in any way distract Q&A presenters, panelists, filmmakers, Award presenters, speakers, dignitaries, celebrities or others during event activities. This act is subject to immediate ejection.


14. Credentialed media displaying or otherwise promoting any product or service on the grounds of IFFF will be deemed to be non-working media and have their credentials revoked.

15. Credentialed media are permitted to wear as part of their clothing one standard logo of their organization that is no larger than four inches vertical or horizontal and commonly accepted as normal dress attire. Provided however, IFFF reserves the right to prohibit the display of any logo(s) that are considered distasteful or otherwise deemed inappropriate by IFFF, in its sole and absolute discretion, or that violate the Business and Registration Policy.


16. No bearer or accredited media organization may display or otherwise use IFFF’s logo or trademark, or the logo or trademark of any of its affiliates including, but not limited to, that of the IFFF Youth Fest!, without advance written permission from IFFF. This prohibition includes web sites and other media.


17. Neither IFFF nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates is responsible for theft or damage of any equipment in use by bearer or accredited media organization.

18. The accredited media organization and the bearer assume all risk incident to the performance by the bearer of his or her services; assume all risk incident to attending IFFF events; agree that they are not acting for IFFF in any manner and are not employees or agents of those organizations; and agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless IFFF, each of their parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, and each of their respective agents and employees from and against all liability, loss, damage or expense resulting from or arising out of the issuance and use of this credential or the Bearer’s presence at the Event.


19. Any media credential holder who is deemed disorderly, who fails to comply with any of the foregoing terms, or any set forth by IFFF officials or Staff, and all security measures, may be subject to immediate ejection from the property and prosecution, and may subject the accredited organization to revocation of its credentials for future IFFF events.

20. Not withstanding any other provision herein, this credential is a courtesy to bearer only and creates no economic or other legally recognized interest in the bearer and this credential may be revoked at any time for any reason or no reason in the sole and absolute discretion of IFFF, or any agent or employee of either in the foregoing.

21. Should any litigation arise out or in relation to the media credential requirements (a “Claim”), the signatory organization and individual credential bearer agree (collectively the “Recipient”) that they submit themselves to the personal jurisdiction of the courts of the State of California and such courts have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any Claims and the parties, except that enforcement of any judgment may be carried of in any jurisdiction. The Recipient further agrees that any claim will be venued in the courts located in Los Angeles County, California.

Acceptance of the credential constitutes agreement by the accredited media organization and the bearer to abide by the foregoing conditions.