About the Poster Art:

In celebrating our 21st annual IFFF, we struck upon this year’s theme in the most natural and effortless way. The IFFF focuses on family-centric stories, and who better than the mothers, sisters, and daughters in our lives to celebrate? Let’s hear it for the women in our lives! “Celebrating Women and the Stories They Inspire,” quickly formulated as 2016’s anchoring theme, and this year’s festival pays tribute to the ubiquitous, strong, intelligent, compassionate and challenging women that weave in and out of all of our lives.

Each year’s theme changes, and so does its key art. Once the theme is determined, the IFFF searches for that authentic artistic vision, a special artist who will enrich or even visually expand the theme’s broader meaning and subtext. Festival organizers knew this particular task would need great care – yet, the IFFF didn’t look further than Kevin Smith, the IFFF’s go-to graphic designer and layout artist of the annual IFFF program book.

IFFF celebrates gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness in the origins of the films and screenplays it showcases as well as the artists who interpret them – what could be more essential than turning the lens to focus on the women who inspire them? Francois Truffaut, one of France’s most famous film directors once said, “In love, women are professionals, men are amateurs.” His perception seems to indicate that women have tapped into and cornered the market on Love, perhaps the most profound yet elusive emotions of all.
This year, please join the IFFF in acknowledging and celebrating the women in our world. Because of them, it’s a far better and richer place to live.




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About Kevin Smith:

Kevin Smith is a creative director at an industry news organization in Los Angeles, California, a freelance graphic artist, father of two wonderful children and devoted husband. He received his AA in fine art from College of the Canyons and his BA in fine art with an emphasis on graphic design from California State University, Northridge. He is a native Californian that grew up in Simi Valley and now resides in Santa Clarita. His work is mostly print media including layouts, custom graphics and advertisements but he also generates other graphic design projects such as logo design, websites, online advertisements, billboards, package design and book covers. His signature work consists of a simplistic elegance that brings fresh and clean design to an otherwise harsh corporate environment.

Contact Kevin: kevin.artsmith@gmail.com